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Fishing Rod


Application: Fishing Rod

Typical product: WD stainless steel miniature ball bearings

Fishing rod is a long, flexible rod that used to catch fish. It is typically used in the sports of angling and competitive casting. For fishing sport, how to cast the lure to the accurate point is one of the key points. A good quality bearing for fishing rod plays an important role in casting. It also has to face water, especially seawater with salt, which is a challenge to the bearings’ anti rust ability.

WD Solution:

WD precision stainless steel miniature ball bearings for fishing rod are produced by high quality stainless steel material and also are filled with high quality grease to ensure the anti rust ability of the bearings. The high precision and special inner structure contribute to the smooth running and allow a smaller starting torque of the bearing, which support fisher to cast further, accurate, and avoid backlash. WD solution for fishing rod helps you to enjoy fishing and lower down the cost.