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WD Bearing Engineering & Product Development

With the help of professional bearing design software, WD has continuously optimized the bearing design in lifetime, noise, load capacity, rotation speed, sealing, etc. WD also collaborates with leading bearing institute and bearing academic in China for latest bearing technology and R&D.

All these capabilities enable WD to provide cost-effective and trouble-free bearing solutions for global small and medium industrial users

WD product development procedure is consists of:


1.Collect working conditions

a) Overall bearing fitting dimension especially fitting dimension with shaft & housing

b) Working conditions: load, speed, working temperature, lubrication, required lifetime

2. Bearing design

a) Maximize load

b) Main parameter

c) Assembly dimensions

 3. Bearing Validation

a) Assembly & fitting

b) Working clearance

c) Mechanics calculation

d) Lifetime calculation & test

4. Samples

a) Project management

b) In-process quality control

c) Lead time within 45 days 

5. Inspection & test

a) Dimensions & function inspection

b) Lifetime test

6. Collect user feedback

a) Assembly condition

b) Bearing failure mode analysis

7. Renew & improve design

a) Optimize bearing structure design or improve machining process

b) PDCA continuous improvement