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Analysis of Nylon Cage for Bearings

Nylon cages are widely used in different bearings for a variety of industries due to its excellent corrosion resistance. The nylon material has different compositions, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon with anti-aging agent, which has good strength and elasticity, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-aging and good dimensional stability.

Nylon cages also have following features:

1. Light weight, which makes the bearing more flexible and has great effect to save energy consumption for electrical products.

2. Low noise, it is the first choice for quiet bearings, especially for the electrical products which have strict noise requirement.

3. Nylon cage can effectively extend the bearing lifetime due to less metal cage and chrome steel roller friction.

1 tip for the installation of bearings with nylon cage:

The bearings shall not direct contact with the heater during heating installation to avoid high temperature of local part and damage the nylon cage.

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