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Lubricating your bearings is good, lubricating them effectively is better!



A global survey conducted by Shell Lubricants shows that manufacturing companies underestimate the potential for cost reduction and efficiency of equipment from effective lubrication. Many manufacturing companies do not realize that efficient lubrication processes can significantly impact the productivity, profitability, equipment reliability and downtime.

The surveyed manufacturing companies estimate that 70% of their unplanned equipment downtime over the past three years is due to a choice of lubricants or management errors. When the manufacturer is committed to improving productivity to increase competitiveness and achieve growth, the choice of lubricants will bring economic impact. 20% of the respondents estimate that the cost of these downtime is more than 250,000 dollar.

The impact of lubrication on productivity and maintenance costs is often underestimated. The lubricant is also a key factor in a whole bearing solution. Improperly use of the lubricant will cause serious consequences such as downtime, overheating and leaking. WD work with our customers to help improve equipment productivity and reduce operating costs by accurately meeting their equipment rotation and lubrication needs. This is not just to choose the bearing and lubricant, but also to design the whole solution and ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Lubricating your bearings is good, lubricating them effectively is better! Contact WD for a customized solution for your unique application.