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Bearings from agriculture to theme parks

Have you seen those big-rides which ensure an adrenalin rush like no other or the monster agricultural machines and wondered what runs them! Bearings, probably the smallest part in any machinery, are responsible for the smooth running and easy functioning of these humongous machines. There are Agricultural Bearings and Slewing Ring Bearings that make it the functioning, the working of these machines look so easy and smooth.

When we talk about agriculture, we get truly excited as that is the reason why we get food on our plate and it shouldn’t be ignored. The agriculture industry has giant equipments like the combined harvester and complicated machinery like the planetary gearboxes.  Combine harvester is a machine that harvests grain crops. It combines three separate operations including comprising harvesting, reaping, threshing and winnowing. The combine harvester usually has a long period of inactivity, and then an intense period of work and exposure to dust, mud and heavy vibration which increase the  5risk of bearing failure. Planetary gear is a type of gear, widely used in: Sugar industry, power industry, wind turbines, marine industry and agricultural industry. These two machines are marks of precision and the ability to work for long periods of time without being worn and torn. For this purpose, the bearings fitted in the machines have to be able to take high loads and ensure longevity. To clarify this issue, WD Bearing has launched WD Agricultural Bearings, which ensure that along with longevity and strength, the compatibility with multiple housing is also taken care of. By combining the bearings with various kinds of housings, different kinds of simple and economical bearing units are formed, and the bearing installation requirement can be reduced. WD Agricultural Bearings can be widely used in agricultural and forestry machines easily.

Talking about the roller coaster that you see at a theme park and often get mesmerized by the thrill and speed; they owe it to the various bearings that have their back. These bearings usually work day and night, and must be reliable. Any bearing failure will bring danger to the people and cause 6unexpected accident. Generally the most preferable bearings for carrousels are Slewing Ring Bearings. WD implements strict inspection to the raw material, to avoid failure from the source. We also set up a metallographic lab to inspect the microstructure of the bearings to ensure the product safety and long lifetime.

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