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Cause Analysis of Bearing Cage Fracture


Generally, the bearing cage will not be damaged in a reasonable operating condition. However, the bearing cage lifetime will be significantly reduced in an improper operating condition, and finally cause the bearing cage fracture. Here are some reasons that will cause the bearing cage fracture.

1. Poor lubrication

Bearings that operate in the condition of insufficient lubrication will form adhesive wear which will deteriorate the working surface. The particles that are torn during adhesive wear will enter the cage and cause abnormal load to the cage, then finally cause the cage fracture.

2. Bearing creep

Creep is the phenomenon in bearings where relative slippage occurs between fitting surfaces and thereby creates a clearance between the surfaces. It is usually caused by insufficient interference or loose fit, and will cause damage to bearing cage.

3. Abnormal load of bearing cage

Poor installation, tilt and excessive interference are easy to cause smaller clearance and increase friction and heat. In this condition, the bearing will have early peeling. When the peeled material enter the cage, block the rotation and generate additional loads, the wear of the cage is exacerbated and finally result in fracture.

4. Bearing cage material defects

Cracks, large pieces of different metal inclusions, shrinkage, bubbles and riveting defects, all these defects may cause damage to the cage.

5. The invasion of hard foreign matters

The invasion of hard foreign matters or other impurities will exacerbate the wear of the cage.