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How to perform a visual inspection to bearings?

Bearing is a precision part that requires professional tools to inspect dimensions and function. However, a visual inspection is still necessary and effective for bearings. What are the matters that need to pay attention during a visual appearance inspection?


(1) Cracks, such as raw material cracks, forging cracks, heat treatment cracks and grinding cracks, these cracks will become a concentrated source of stress and rapidly expand in the future operation of bearing, and finally result in bearing fracture. The bearing lifetime and work safety are seriously affected by these cracks. In fact, for important use of the bearing, WD has its components for 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection.


(2) Mechanical scars, such as abrasion, scratches, crush, hit mark, etc. They will cause poor bearing installation, partial load and stress concentration, and result in bad rotation accuracy and short service life.


(3) Rust, oxidized surface and pitting. The oxidized surface and pitting are easy to store water and dirt, and then develop into rust. Rust will lead to poor bearing installation, early wear and fatigue. Serious corrosion will make the bearing scrapped.


(4) Material peeling. The material around the peeling area is not strongly combined with the matrix material, and it is usually surrounded with decarbonization or carbon-poor areas. It will lead the material to easily collapse and wear, and affect bearing life and accuracy.


(5) Bearing cage riveting or welding quality. Mainly check the rivet head deviation, skew or loose, the location and size of the welding point and whether the welding is not strong or too strong to seize the rolling element. These defects will result in bearing noise and bad rotation accuracy, or even the break of cage and cause mechanical failure or accidents.


There are more aspects can be checked in visual inspection, such as laser marking, burning, etc. If any defect is found, the bearing should not be accepted. WD performs rigorous quality policy to prevent our customers from any bearing defect or failure.