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2013 BearingNet User Meeting & Customer Visiting Trips

The BearingNet User Meeting was held from Jun 13th to Jun 16th 2013 in Rome, Italy. With 400 attendees from over 200 companies, it was the biggest event of bearing distributor in the world. WD Bearing Group, as a sponsor of this great event, has presented this meeting successfully with CBIA (China Bearing Industry Association), a partner of WD Bearing Group.

During the event, WD had a great time and made many new contacts with new friends as well as strengthening the relationship with our old friends. We introduced our latest company information to our friends, including our achievement in sales and marketing, WD new plant, the new joint venture with C.R. srl, etc. And we also expressed our willing to look for new partners.  Our friends had strong confidence with our group and expected much closer partnership with us. New friends also interested in our Group and would like to partner with WD to develop the local market together.

After the meeting, WD had customer visiting trips in 3 different routes, Finland, Italy, Germany & Switzerland.

Mr. Leslie Cheng, the president of WD Bearing Group, as well as the friends of CBIA visited our partners and some very important customers in Finland. We had a positive conference, shared the market information and negotiated the possibility of starting a new Joint Venture in Europe, WD Bearing Scandinavia.

In Italy, Mr. Bruce Wei, the chief sales engineer, visited different new potential customers. From the face-to-face talk, we had better understanding of our customers, including their business situation and marketing strategy, which will help us to have a better cooperation together. WD also introduced ourselves to potential customers. They were very interested in WD Bearing Group and agreed with WD’s philosophy. We even talked about some potential projects that we can start our cooperation and had a plan of developing business together.

Mr. Jason Wang, the sales engineer and Mr. David Huang, the sale manager, visited some OEM customers in Switzerland and Germany, knowing well about the application and working conditions, then help our customers buy bearings with suitable quality as well as cost saving solution. Also, we visited some distributors and our sales rep. From the visit, WD had direct feedbacks from customers about the quality of our products, delivery time and package. It helps us to know our advantages and disadvantages, and how to improve our service to create more values for customers. Pursuing perfection is always one of the core values of WD Bearing Group.

The BearingNet User Meeting and customer visiting trips were short. However, WD gained fruitful result. We are always on the way of looking for new partners and building win-win cooperation, and providing excellent and thoughtful service to satisfy customer’s need.

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