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Love Brings Hope, Knowledge Enlightens Dream- WD Group’s Donation to Qihewanxiao Primary School

The hot summer is coming in July, at the same time, WD Group also quietly start the donation activity to Qihewanxiao Primary School. After preparation, the Administration Department finally succeeded in sending the first donation to Lijiang Qihewanxiao Primary School in Qihe Village with the support of the GM office.
Qihewanxiao Primary School is located in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, which is famous for its beautiful sceneries. There are 6 grades and 6 classes in Qinhewanxiao Primary School, with 120 students and 10 teachers. Most of the teachers are volunteers. The local people in Qihe village grow corn and rice for a living. The annual per capita income is about 2000 RMB. Qihewanxiao Primary School is near the highway where network could cover. However, because of the lack of material deprivation, students there have no access to  the network.
With the 10 computers donated by WD Group, the students will have computer classes and can obtain more complete education. We will continuously pay attention to and give a long-term support to them.