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Product Alert: Vibration Motor Bearings – WD Cylindrical Roller Bearings

vibration motorVibration motor is a special motor used for vibration equipment. Compare to normal electric motor, its application conditions are much worse . Therefore, high standard and quality bearings are needed for vibration motors.

Application Conditions:

1. Vibration motors rotate in high speed with impact load, vibration and swing, which bring extremely high requirements of impact load and crack resistance to the bearings.

2. Vibration motors have no fans for cooling during rotation. Therefore, the bearings must work in high temperature and have excellent heat resistance.

WD Cylindrical Roller Bearings Features:

1. Cylindrical roller bearings with brass cage are best suited for high power vibration motors. They can handle the conditions of high speed, high temperature and impact load.

2. WD uses high standard material and heat treatment to improve the crack resistance of bearings and extend lifetime. And also, the bearings can work in a good condition at the high temperature up to 150℃.

3. WD optimized the  design in bearing rollers, raceway and ribs to reduce friction, enhance load capacity and extend lifetime.

4. The special designed brass cage can increase the roller numbers and length and reduce the friction between rollers and cage, thereby improving the bearing load capacity and reduce the vibration noise.

5. WD strictly controls the bearing clearance to ensure the perfect fit in the high temperature condition.

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