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WD Ball & Roller Bearings

The world turns with us

C.R. srl, manufacturer of special cylindrical roller bearings for more than 20 years, is located in Northern Italy and is close to the main airports and motorways.

The company is situated on a surface of 21.000 mt², the half of which is covered by our present productive and commercial structure.

C.R. s.r.l. activity is based on the manufacturing of special cylindrical roller bearings for industrial applications and internal movement plants and equipment.

C.R. s.r.l. has covered a production gap in the range of the traditional unified bearings, finding and realising specific technical solutions for the manufacturers of the above mentioned equipment and movement plants.

The construction of cylindrical roller bearings has to take into consideration the specific application of the product. When designing and manufacturing the product, different variables have to be foreseen: load, speed of rotation, temperature and other working conditions.

C.R. s.r.l. activity aims at improving the design, the delivery time and the high quality of the product.

The above mentioned features of our cylindrical roller bearings are guaranteed by the high designing qualification of our Technical Department – it studies, day by day specific solutions for each application – by the use of updated sophisticated machine tools – such as N/C lathes, dimensionally controlled automatic grinders – by the careful controls of our Testing Department as regards to raw materials, thermal treatments, final checking of the requested technical data, by using a very sophisticated testing technological equipment (Three-dimensional measurement machine DEA Model Record A001).

At present C.R. s.r.l. guarantees the production of special cylindrical roller bearings from a minimum of 20 mm. (inner diameter) to a maximum of 500 mm. (outer diameter).

The most peculiar bearings in our range of production are a guarantee of high quality, in particular for the producers and users of:

– Fork lift masts and equipment relevant to their functioning
– Internal movement plants
– Tool machines
– Iron plants

The “Policy of Quality” is the expression of the Administration Board, of its strategies in order to lead the company towards the high definition of its products and services and a high quality responding to the needs of that area of the market in which C.R. s.r.l. is operating.
This policy is based on the principle that Quality becomes the image of the company on the market since it increases the reliability of C.R. s.r.l. towards its commercial partners.

Through its products and services C.R. s.r.l. focuses on the following elements: duration, reliability and security of the bearings produced besides the technical assistance. The final aim is to increase the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its services.
C.R. s.r.l. uses a method based on an internal System of Quality Insurance which is logical, methodical, very severe, focused on the satisfaction of the customer and the reliability of the finished product.