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Holiday System

1. National set holidays including New Year’s Day(1 day), Chinese New year(3 days),May Day Holiday(3 days), National Day (3 days). Salary is paid as usual during these holidays.
2. Holiday with salary after probationership including annual holiday, marriage holiday, mourning leave and maternity leave

1) Annual Holiday: From Jan.1 of the 3rd calendar year after joining in WD, every employee can have a holiday of 3 days this year.Then in the following years, every year will contribute 1 more day holiday to the annual holiday, whose upper limit is 7 days.

A. The holiday can be achieved according to your work arrangement and approved by your senior, the principle is as following:
① To achieve the holiday over 3 days(including 3 days) once need application 1 month in advance; the holiday request will would be rejected by your seniors without advance application
②Annual holidays are valid in the same year, which can’t be cumulated into the next year
③Assistant manager or above needs to apply to direct higher-up for holiday and notify holiday in accordance with company rules before holiday
④Examine and approve action during holiday is implemented in accordance with correlative company rules

B. Holiday counting method: annual holiday counted as working day with the min.holiday of 0.5 working day. Less than 0.5 day is counted as 0.5 holiday and over 0.5 day but less than 1 day is counted as 1 day. The holiday can be divided into several parts.

C. The annual holiday of that year can’t be achieved with one of the below conditions
① Sick(injured) leave and private affair leave accumulated more than 15 days that year
② Maternity leave more than 30 days that year
③ Sick leave more than 15 days once or accumulated more than 20 days
④ Private affair leave once more than 15 days or accumulated more than 20 days
In case of asking for sick (injured) leave and private affairs leave after taking annual holiday, the annual holiday in the following year will be annulled.

D. In case of remainder annual holiday when the employees ask for sick or injured leave, after company approval it is permitted to use remainder annual holiday to compensate in accordance with company’s approval rule

2) Marriage holiday: 3 days holiday will be given to the formal employees who register to get married according to national marriage law; in condition of getting married over 25 for male and over for female, there is 7 days more holiday can be added, which only can be used once within the half year after marriage register.

3) Mourning leave:3 days leave can be achieved in case of dies of lineal relative (spouse, child, parent or parent of spouse)

4) Maternity leave
A. Maternity leave for female employees
① Normal bearing 90 days
② Later bearing 105days


  • First bearing at the age of 26 for male and 24 for female is later bearing
  • Maternity leave is the leave accumulated before and after bearing
  • WD supports national policy of one child. To maintain WD’s well operation, married female employee need to explicate planned bearing time when join in WD and keep promise.In case of any change, please apply to administration department to arrange the work during maternity leave.

B. Nurse leave for male employees: 3 days (within the spouse’s maternity leave)

C. Lactation leave: 1 hour in working time (lunch time excluded)