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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

WD cylindrical roller bearings have many designs, dimension series and sizes. The majority is single row bearings with a cage. Single and double row full complement bearings (without cage) complete the WD standard assortment for general engineering. Bearings with a cage can accommodate heavy radial loads and operate at high speeds. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for very heavy radial loads at moderate speeds.


The rollers of WD cylindrical roller bearings are key components. Their geometry, the so-called logarithmic profile, provides an optimum stress distribution in the contact zones in the bearing. Their surface finish maximizes lubricant film formation and optimizes rolling motion of the rollers. The benefits derived from this compared with traditional designs include enhanced operational reliability and a greater insensitivity to misalignment.


The range of WD cylindrical roller bearings comprises the basic types.

WD single row cylindrical roller bearings, caged, mainly of the NU, NJ, NUP and N designs.

WD double row cylindrical roller bearings, caged, mainly of the NNUand NN designs.

WD single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, mainly of the NCF and NJG designs.

WD double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, mainly of the NNF design.


WD cylindrical roll bearings have the following design features:

1. Optimized design in ribs and rollers to enhance the axial load capacity

2. Optimized design in the geometric surface between rollers and raceway to balance the radial load  distribution

3. Limit the width of raceway undercut, increase the contact area between raceway and rollers and  enhance the radial load capacity

4. High standard material, strictly control the element content, e.g. Ti<30ppm

5. Low noise design, reaches to V1 grade noise level, contributes to the quieter running of automobile  engine and gearbox.