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Tapered Roller Bearings

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tapered roller bearings

WD tapered roller bearings are produced by WD in many designs and sizes to match their many uses.These can be grouped as follows

-       single row tapered roller bearings (metric size)

-       single row tapered roller bearings (inch size)

-       double row tapered roller bearings

Design Features

  1. Tapered roller bearings are designed to take the combination of radial and axial load.
  2. Tapered roller bearings are available in both inch size and metric size.
  3. Tapered roller bearings have separable outer ring and inner ring assembly, interchangeable, easy to fit and maintenance.
  4. WD precision tapered roller bearings are designed to reach V1 grade noise level, which make the quieter running of automobile engine and gearbox.


WD tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged. The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at a common point on the bearing axis. Their design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for the accommodation of combined (radial and axial) loads. The axial load carrying capacity of the bearings is largely determined by the contact angle ; the larger contact angle the greater axial load carrying capacity .

Tapered roller bearings are generally separable, i.e. the cone, consisting of the inner ring with roller and cage assembly, can be mounted separately from the cup (outer ring).

WD tapered roller bearings have the logarithmic contact profile that provides optimum stress distribution over the roller/raceway contacts. The special design of the sliding surfaces of the guide flange and large roller ends considerably promote lubricant film formation in the roller end/flange contacts. The resulting benefits include increased operational reliability and reduced sensitivity to misalignment.

WD Tapered Roller Bearings have tapered inner and outer ring racesways between which tapered rollers are arranged.Both of which have single and double row structures.With the higher precision than P5 standard, they have high dimension and running accurancy accordingly. Tapered roller bearings with high speed and long lifespan are always used in Automobile, Gearbox, Main shaft of machine tool, Construction machineries, Rolling mill equipment.


WD tapered roller bearings are fitted with one of the following cages.

- A pressed window-type steel cage, roller centred.

- An injection moulded window-type cage of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6, 6, roler centred.

- A steel pin-type cage

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