Quality Creates Value
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WD Philosophy

Our Vision
To be a global expert for high precision & customized bearings

Our mission
Manufacture and popularize bearings with reliable quality, commit to the smooth running of global mechanical industry and create more value for our customers

Development strategy
Taking special bearing and precision bearing as our core business, and growing up with profit;
Obtaining the TOP 3 market share of the five target market, including Material handling system market, Ferrous Metallurgy market, Construction machinery market, Gear box market, and popularizing WD brand;
Depending on our strong technical support and R&D, WD works as the most professional partner of our customers.

Company core value
Upright and sincere
Pursue perfection
Team work

Management guideline
Respecting human as our prima capital;
Focusing on our profession;
Creating and sharing together with our partners (staffs);
Taking the customers’ satisfaction of the products and service as our basic principle;
Establishing the recognition of brand and long-term development, and pursuing the permanent running of WD company.

Quality and environment guideline
Establish, implement and maintain quality and environment management system in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001.
Expand international market and improve product, service and environment based on guidance of excellent products and services provision and harmonious development of human and nature.
Abide by laws and regulations, commit ourselves to resource economization and to be a environmental protection messengers to spread environment protection idea

Company slogan: “Quality creates value”
Employee quality: persistently improve ability and cultivation
Product quality: improve products quality over the customer request
Service quality: excellent and thoughtful service to satisfy customer’s need
Environment quality: enhance the idea of environment protection and decrease the resource waste
Comprehensively improve the quality on staff, products, service and environment is the important approaching to creating more value for staff, company, customers and the society and to realizing their harmonious development